Mademoiselle La Quintinie PDF

Sand wrote: « My name is not Marie-Aurore de Saxe, Marquise of Dudevant, as mademoiselle La Quintinie PDF of my biographers have asserted, but Amantine-Lucile-Aurore Dupin, and my husband, M. François Dudevant, claims no title: the highest rank he ever reached was that of infantry second lieutenant.

« Mademoiselle La Quintinie » de George Sand. George Sand, romancière et femme de lettres française (1804-1876).

1839 with Chopin and her children. Chopin continued to be cordial to Solange after she and her husband, Auguste Clésinger, had a vicious falling out with Sand over money. Sand took Chopin’s support of Solange as outright treachery and confirmation that Chopin had always « loved » Solange. Sand was also known for her implication and writings during the Paris Commune, where she took a position for the Versailles assembly against the « communards, » urging them to take violent action against the « rebels. A liaison with the writer Jules Sandeau heralded her literary debut. They published a few stories in collaboration, signing them « Jules Sand. In addition, Sand authored literary criticism and political texts.

Because of her early life, she sided with the poor and working class as well as women’s rights. However, she was appalled by the violence of the Paris Commune. She wrote: « The horrible adventure continues. They ransom, they threaten, they arrest, they judge. They have taken over all the city halls, all the public establishments, they’re pillaging the munitions and the food supplies.